BellaBody Pilates specializes in personalized corrective movement and pain reduction through the use of the Pilates Principles. We want you to walk out feeling better than you did when you walked in the door. We do not follow the “No Pain, No Gain” approach to exercise nor the Burger King/fast food “your way, right away” approach. There are no “plank-offs”, stop-watches, WODs, or uncertified trainers here. Instead, our comprehensively certified Pilates teachers follow the Method that Joseph Pilates designed, using the order of the exercises to build your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and always focus on the center of your body. Through this tried and true Method, you will experience improvements in your posture, gait, lung capacity and ease of movement. Pilates is an adaptable system that works whether you are 10 or 84 (yes, we’ve had clients those ages!), male or female, underweight or overweight, short or tall, never exercised or a competitive athlete. The beauty is that it is a progressive system that adds new exercises as your stamina and strength improves. Our goal for you is to help you reach your highest potential by integrating your mind, body and spirit.