Doesn’t get better than this! Golf at Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Looking to shave a few strokes off your golf score? The perfect golf swing requires balance, stability, flexibility and power – all in a split second. Pilates For Golf combines the best of the Pilates method with unique sports-specific training drills to make sure your body is in the optimum condition each time you swing the club. By focusing on building core strength (the muscles in your trunk – abdominals, back and buttocks), You will build strength and muscle endurance from the inside out. Strong core muscles improve your posture, allowing you to maintain proper spinal alignment throughout your swing. Pilates is a mind-body approach that improves your mental game as well as your physical game.

  • Increase your flexibility for a longer swing
  • Improve posture for a more athletic set-up and swing
  • Increase strength to improve distance
  • Learn simple techniques that you can use on the course and at home

With all initial sessions you will have an assessment of your swing and your strength and flexibility.  From this assessment we will create a program that best fits your needs and goals.

This series is designed to increase the golfers “core” awareness for golf. The sessions will teach you how to increase your balance, core strength, flexibility, and ultimately drive the ball farther and make those putts! You will progressively build on the principles of Pilates each week and learn golf-specific movement patterns and stretching. You will also learn pre- First Tee and post round warm up and cool down techniques.

We offer private sessions with packages available to meet your needs. Both packages include use of Pilates apparatus and CoreAlign®.

4 week Golf Package

8 Private 50 minute sessions $450

This 4 week program is specifically designed for you if you have been consistently doing an exercise program and now want to bump up your routine to include specific exercises to enhance your golf game , increase your body awareness and your alignment with your game.

8 week Golf Package

16 Private 50 minute Sessions $800

This 8 week program is specifically designed for you if you do not have a consistent exercise routine, but are ready to start an exercise program. You will enhance your golf game, increase your body awareness and your alignment with your game.