Pilates for Every Body

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magic-circle-mat-classThere has been a lot of buzz lately on Pilates Facebook pages and Pilates magazines about what a “Pilates Body” looks like. Most people associate Pilates enthusiasts as skinny starlets rushing out of studios toting  venti Starbucks.  I want to take this month’s column to share a secret with you: Every Body is a Pilates Body. What do I mean by that? The exercise system known as Pilates has helped thousands of men and women eliminate back pain, increase stamina and flexibility, gain strength, and discover that they can actually enjoy exercising! My clients range in age from 17 to 83; from physically active to couch potato; students to retirees and new moms to great-grandmas. What attracts them to BellaBody Pilates?  We offer individualized attention, friendliness, small group size, quiet atmosphere, variety of classes and our devotion to the mind-body connection. We applaud your victories—whether it is completing the Hundred without stopping, performing the Snake on the Reformer or Roll Up without assistance, we believe in “Progress not Perfection”. There are no mirrors in our studio in order to help our clients focus on their mind-body connection rather than unfairly judge themselves based on their body image.  We want you to experience the joy of movement that Pilates can provide. You will learn about your body’s strengths and weaknesses, how to apply the Pilates principles to your life outside the studio and to feel better walking out the door than you did walking in.  If you are looking for a smarter way to exercise or a new Pilates home, BellaBody Pilates is for you! Call Deborah Lavinsky, PMA®-CPT at 602-318-5068 or email at deb@bellabodypilates.com for more information and to schedule a free consultation.