What is it like to Lose 1/3 of Your Body Weight?

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2009 at my daughter’s wedding and 2017- down 86 pounds!

What is it like to lose 1/3 of your body weight? When I look at my photos from before 2009, it seems like I’m looking at someone else. In fact, my first wake-up call was when I got the photos back from my daughter’s wedding. I didn’t recognize myself- I hadn’t realized how overweight I had become and those photos embarrassed me. That was the beginning of my weight loss journey. I was taking Pilates lessons twice a week at that time and despite my extra girth, I felt I was pretty strong and flexible nonetheless.
     Over a period of four years I peeled away 70 pounds of the layers encasing my body. It wasn’t easy and basically it came down to diet and exercise. I began running and was thrilled to be able to run in the PF Chang’s Rock and Roll Half Marathon. It was a definite “Bucket List” item I could check off. My daughter joined me and it was so much fun crossing the finish line together, hearing our names and getting our medals. My daughter’s friend introduced me to triathlons and I was hooked. The triathlon atmosphere is so inspiring. There were so many people of all ages–little kids to 80 year olds. I met people going through cancer treatment, families and made lots of friends.
     Unfortunately, all this activity aggravated an old ski injury and I needed knee surgery.  My doctor advised me to stop running and as much as I loved it, I knew that was the right thing to do. It was disappointing, but I still had my Pilates! Not long after my surgery I decided to enroll in a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. It was during the Mat Pilates training that I experienced massive changes to my body- more than running, biking or swimming did with long, lean muscles replacing fat. I learned so much about my body and decided to change careers to become a full time Pilates instructor. Big Pilates win!
     Age, inattention to my diet and menopause caused my weight to start creeping up. Last March, I had my second wake-up call— the inability to perform my favorite Mat Pilates exercises because I had gotten too heavy. I discovered a Cleveland Clinic food plan through Dr. Alexander Villares at Ideal Physicians Weight Loss that completely transformed my life. Since this past March, I have lost 50 pounds for a grand total of 86 pounds since November 2009. I eat real, good quality food, lots of protein and vegetables, but have eliminated sugar, bread, starches, and alcohol although I expect that I will be able to add those eventually in moderation. It was difficult at the beginning to make these changes, weighing my food, eating only certain things at certain times, but after the weight started to melt off I was on board all the way. My Pilates practice improved immediately, and I was able to do all of my favorite Mat exercises again —better than ever. According to the Omron Scale, through increased metabolic rate, fat loss and muscle gain, my body age has been reduced from age 70 to age 46! My before and after pictures tell the story–can you believe I’m 60 years old?  How can I help YOU reach your goals? Let’s design a program together to help you achieve them. I’ve been there, done that and know how it feels on both sides of the scale. There’s no body-shaming, no distorting mirrors and 100% welcoming atmosphere at BellaBody Pilates. Call me for your free 30 minute consultation today at 602-318-5068.