Video: Six Exercises to Improve your Balance

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Here are the six exercises that were prepared for the Good Morning Arizona segment on bone health a few weeks back. Spending just a few minutes a day performing these easy moves will help you gain better body awareness, improve your balance and strengthen your core. All you need is a non-slip surface to stand on and if your balance is a bit shaky, a sturdy chair, railing or counter to hold on to. It is best to practice these barefoot in order to feel the floor . Many people do not use their entire foot to stand on.  They pronate (roll the feet inward) or supinate (roll the foot outward). How do you know which way your feet go? Check out the wear on the bottom of your shoes. The goal with these exercises is to activate your toes and foot muscles to keep you upright! There was some construction going on in the background and I did this in one “take” so apologies for the random hammering sounds! For more information on our Buff Bones classes which is a medically endorsed system of exercise that focuses on bone health and balance, don’t hesitate to contact me–


Six Easy Exercises to Improve your Balance