My neck and shoulder pain feel so much better-I shot a 72, my lowest score this week!


I have had Plantar Fasciitis for years and have tried everything I thought, until The Rossiter System. That awful pain is finally gone! What a godsend-thank you thank you thank you!!!


Debbi is a great teacher, and is extremely knowledgeable about Pilates! I’ve taken several classes from her, including private mat classes, reformer classes, and barre classes, and they are all a wonderful workout. She will modify classes for various levels– from beginners to advanced. Highly recommend BellaBody Pilates in Phoenix, Arizona!!



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BellaBody Pilates is wonderful. I started to take private instruction with Debbi a few months ago and I have noticed a remarkable change in my shape and energy. Debbi isn’t afraid to model correct posture and how to work core areas of instruction. She kicks your butt with a smile on her face–I highly recommend her!


Amazing transformation! Deborah Lavinsky is the most precise and personal trainer I have ever had! Love the studio, my Mat Pilates workouts and the other classes Deborah offers! Highly recommend!


Debbi, I just want to let you know that I’m feeling absolutely wonderful today and I’ve concluded that the Trapeze “breathing” exercise is absolutely the best I’ve ever experienced! I’m feeling the work in the abs and just relishing how good I feel. Thank you so much for introducing me to that part of the Cadillac. Can’t wait for Tuesday!


I’ve been taking classes with Debbi for over a year and truly love her teaching style, bright and cheery studio and the diversity of her classes. There’s no intimidation factor here-just a fabulous workout to be had. I also appreciated how Debbi made accommodations for me throughout my pregnancy. She knows her stuff!


I felt so comfortable and at home almost immediately. I am overweight so I felt very self-conscious…that faded quickly with Debbi’s fun and warm attitude. The class was excellent, I was encouraged to take it at my own pace and I felt exhilarated afterward!


Great teacher, leader, and went because of back pain. Will probably always have back pain but this along with a little water aerobics and walking keep me moving. Lots of side benefits to getting the core strength…probably the best is it has helped an urgency problem immensely. Gives overall better circulation and always a nice social outing.


Aloha, Debbi!!!!! I could not wait to get back to class to share this!! We went whale watching yesterday about 4:40 and it was windy so the ride was a little rough. We had to take our shoes off and be barefoot on the boat. Thanks to you and our toe exercises I was able to grip the deck and steady myself!!!!!!